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Vinnfier Xenon 2 BTRM 2.1 Multimedia System Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Speaker Super Bass Subwoofer Stereo Sound Speaker

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RM 149.00
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RM 149.00

The Xenon 2 BTR is an impressive audio device that combines cutting-edge sound performance with an elegant design. 

+ Cutting-Edge Sound Performance: The Xenon 2 BTR is designed to deliver high-quality sound performance, likely providing clear and powerful audio with a focus on superior sound reproduction.

+ Bluetooth Function: The device features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect it to any compatible devices with Bluetooth support. This wireless feature provides convenient music playback without the need for physical cables.

+ FM Radio: The Xenon 2 BTR includes an FM radio function, allowing you to listen to your favorite radio stations for live broadcasts. This feature adds versatility to the device, offering additional entertainment options.

+ Remote Control: The device comes with a remote control, enabling easy access to various functions and settings from a distance. This convenient feature allows you to adjust volume, switch between modes, or control other aspects of the device without getting up from your seat.

+ SD & USB Card Slot Functions: The Xenon 2 BTR supports SD and USB card inputs, allowing you to directly play audio files from these storage devices. This feature provides flexibility in playing music from different sources without the need for external devices.

+ 7 Colors Pulsating LED: The device is equipped with seven colors pulsating LED lights, adding a visually dynamic element to your listening experience. The LED lights likely change colors and patterns in sync with the audio, enhancing the overall ambiance.

+ 3" Full Range Satellites and 4" Bass Driver: The speaker setup consists of 3" full range satellites and a 4" bass driver, likely enclosed within the speaker structure. This configuration ensures a well-balanced audio output with clear mid and high frequencies, complemented by a strong bass response.

+ 3.5mm Audio Jack Compatibility: The Xenon 2 BTR can connect to various devices with a 3.5mm audio jack, including computers, laptops, CD players, and portable audio players. This versatility enables easy connectivity to a wide range of audio sources.

Total Out Power (RMS): 34W

Subwoofer (RMS): 22W

Satellites (RMS): 6W X2

Frequency Response: 40Hz-20KHz

Subwoofer Driver Unit: 3"