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Vinnfier WM 3000 U Professional Universal UHF Wireless Conference Microphone

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WM3000U Professional Conference Microphone

Transmitter Technical Specifications:

Frequency Range: 676-697MHz

Channel Selection: The transmitter has 10 channels with conservative values. Each channel is selected using a positive ID switch set by the manufacturer.

Oscillation Mode: The transmitter uses a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) chip for frequency locking.

Frequency Stability: The frequency remains stable within ±10 parts per million (ppm).

RF Output Power: The transmitter has an RF (Radio Frequency) efficiency of 10 dBm.

Frequency Response: The frequency response of the transmitter is in the range of 40 Hz to 18,000 Hz.

Distortion: The distortion level is kept below 0.59.

Battery Specification: The transmitter uses a 1.SVIAA size battery.

Battery Life: The transmitter has a dedicated operating time of 4-8 hours, based on the frequency set to the norm of 676-679MHz, and depending on the battery type and capacity.

Receiver Specifications:

Frequency Range: 676-697MHz

Number of Channels: The receiver is equipped with 10 channels, and each channel corresponds to a conservative value set by ID lattice, following the manufacturer's frequency specifications.

Oscillation Mode: The receiver uses a DSP chip for fixed frequency operation.

Frequency Stability: The receiver's frequency remains stable with a deviation of +10 ppm.

Sensitivity: The receiver's sensitivity is -95 to -71 dBm for bonding instruction (signal reception strength).