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Vinnfier Toros 6 RGB Pro Gaming Headset Mic for Extra Bass Headphone E-Learning Movie Music Phone Call Live Streaming

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The Toros 6 RGB Pro Gaming Headset appears to be a feature-rich gaming headset designed to provide users with a comfortable and immersive gaming experience.

+ Light-weight & Adjustable Headband Design: The headset's light-weight construction and adjustable headband ensure a comfortable fit for extended gaming sessions. A comfortable fit is essential for minimizing strain during long gaming sessions.

+ Closed Earcup Design: The closed earcup design provides maximum comfort and helps to isolate external noise, enhancing the gaming experience by focusing on the in-game audio.

+ Premium Material and Heat Dissipation: The premium materials used in the earcups likely contribute to comfort and durability. Additionally, the heat dissipation feature ensures that the headset remains comfortable even during intense gaming sessions.

+ Powerful Driver for High-Quality Audio: A powerful driver (speaker) is used in the headset to deliver high-quality audio with clear and immersive sound for an enhanced gaming experience.

+ Luminous Color LED: The inclusion of luminous color LED lights adds a visual element to the gaming headset, making it aesthetically appealing and suitable for gamers who enjoy a more flashy and stylish appearance.

+ High Sensitivity Microphone: The high sensitivity microphone allows for clear and accurate voice communication during gaming or online interactions. The retractable and adjustable feature makes it easy to position the microphone to the most comfortable and effective position for communication.


Drive: 50mm

Microphone :6 x 2.5 mm

Microphone Sensitivity :105±3dB

Directionality : Omni-directional

Plug Type: 3.5mm

Cable Length: 2.2m±0.15

Headset Jack: USB +3.5mm

Anti Static & Noise-cancelling microphone


PC Y-Cable Included:

- 3.5 mm jack Y splitter for audio & microphone

- Split single 4-pole 3.5mm jack to stereo and microphone

- Works great with desktop PC and laptops