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Vinnfier Tango XT1000 60W TWS Portable Speaker Bluetooth V5.3 Variants Light Effects Bluetooth Speaker

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RM 339.00
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RM 339.00

The Tango XT1000 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with several noteworthy features. 

+ Bluetooth V5.3: The speaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth version, which provides a stable and efficient wireless connection to your devices.

+ Water-Resistant IPX5: The IPX5 rating indicates that the speaker is resistant to water splashes, making it suitable for outdoor use or near water-related activities. However, it may not be fully waterproof and should not be submerged in water.

+ Playtime up to 12 Hours: The speaker boasts a long-lasting battery life, allowing you to enjoy music or audio playback for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

+ 6 Variants of Light Effects: The speaker comes with six different light effects, adding a visual flair to your listening experience. These light effects might include different colors, patterns, or rhythm-synced lights that dance along with the music.

+ TWS Wireless Connectivity: With True Wireless Stereo (TWS) functionality, you can connect two Tango XT1000 speakers together wirelessly to create a stereo sound experience or widen the soundstage.

+ 60W Max Output Power: The speaker's maximum output power is 60W, which indicates that it can deliver a robust and powerful sound performance, making it suitable for parties and gatherings.

+With Microphone Function:  Able to control the level of echo or reverb effect applied to your voice when using the microphone or karaoke singing. Recommend to use Vinnfier M200 microphone.


Audio Frequency Range: 60Hz-20kHz

Driver: 1.5" (5W) X1, 5.25" (30W) X1

Battery: Built-in 7.4V, 40000mAh

Charging Port: Type-C 5V/2A input

Weight: 2.8kg

Dimension: 212 X 333 X 191 (mm)