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Vinnfier Tango Air 3 Portable Microphone PA System Sound Record for Teacher Tourist Guide Trainer Host

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The Tango Air 3 Portable Waistband PA System is a versatile and user-friendly audio solution designed to address various amplification and listening needs in different scenarios. 

+ Amplification and Listening Needs: The Tango Air 3 is a versatile system that can cater to various amplification requirements. Whether it's amplifying a speaker's voice for a shopping guide or sales promotion, providing a clear audio output for a tourist guide, or addressing other public speaking scenarios, this portable waistband PA system can be used effectively.

+ Simple Control: The system features user-friendly controls, making it easy to operate. With one-key recording and playback, users can quickly record messages or announcements and play them back without any complexity.

+ Excellent Sound Quality - High Definition Audio: The Tango Air 3 is designed to improve the clarity of the original sound and provide a clear, high-definition audio output. This ensures that the message or speech delivered through the system is easily understandable and enjoyable for the listeners.

+ Sound Reinforcement: Sound-reinforcement systems are commonly used to increase the volume and projection of audio, making it easier for larger audiences to hear and understand the speaker's message.

+ Unrivaled Battery Capacity: The built-in large capacity lithium battery allows for longer use time. Additionally, its fast-charging capability ensures that the system can be ready for use quickly.


Total Output Power (RMS): 20W

Pure System Power: 10W

Speaker Size: 3"

Frequency Response: 500Hz-17KHz

Charging: DC 5V

Audio Input: USB, Micro SD Card, Aux line-in, Mic Jack & FM Radio

Battery Built-in: 1800 mAh Battery

Playing Time: up to 24 hours

Size: 117 X 94 X 44 (mm)

Weight: 0.28 kg