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Vinnfier Neo Air 7C Digital Alarm Clock Portable Bluetooth Speaker Support FM Radio USB Driver TF Card

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RM 139.00
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RM 139.00

The VF Neo Air 7C Digital Alarm Clock Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a feature-rich and versatile audio companion that offers a range of functions to enhance your listening experience. 

+ Powerful Sound: With a maximum output power of 20W and a pure output power of 10W RMS, the speaker delivers high-quality and clear audio with a full-range 66mm driver for accurate sound reproduction, covering a frequency response range of 120Hz to 20KHz.

+ Bluetooth v5.3 Connectivity: The speaker supports Bluetooth v5.3 technology, enabling easy wireless pairing with compatible devices, allowing you to enjoy music, podcasts, and more from a distance of up to 10 meters.

+ FM Radio Functionality: Tune in to your favorite radio stations with the built-in FM radio tuner, offering a wide range of entertainment options, including news, sports, and music broadcasts.

+ Multiple Playback Options: The speaker supports music playback from various sources, including USB drives and micro-SD cards, giving you more options to enjoy your favorite tunes. Additionally, the AUX-in/Line-in feature allows for connecting external audio sources.

+ Built-in Rechargeable Battery: The speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 1800mAh, offering over 8 hours of portable music playback at 50% volume. Recharging is quick and easy via USB.

+ Digital Clock and Alarm: Stay organized with the integrated digital clock display, and use the speaker as an alarm to wake up to your preferred music, providing a pleasant start to your day.

+ Compact and Stylish Design: The speaker has a compact size and weighs just 580g, making it easy to carry and place in any setting. Its sleek and modern design ensures it fits seamlessly into any environment.