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Vinnfier Neo Air 6 Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Charging, Dual Alarm Clock, FM Radio USB Slot

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The Neo Air 6 Bluetooth Speaker is a feature-rich audio device that offers a range of functions and convenience for users. 

+ Wireless Charging: The speaker comes with wireless charging capability, allowing users to charge compatible smartphones without the need for traditional charging cables. This feature adds convenience and reduces clutter in charging areas.

+ Dual Alarm Clock: The built-in dual alarm clock allows users to set two different alarms at separate times. This is useful for individuals with different waking schedules or for using the speaker in different rooms for different purposes.

+ FM Radio and USB Slot: The Neo Air 6 supports FM radio playback, allowing users to tune in to their favorite radio stations. Additionally, it can play audio files from USB drives, offering versatile audio source options.

+ Bluetooth Connectivity: The built-in Bluetooth feature enables wireless audio streaming from compatible devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops, providing seamless playback without physical connections.

+ LED Light with Dimmer: The LED light on the speaker can be adjusted with a dimmer, allowing users to customize the brightness according to their preferences or the surrounding lighting conditions.

+ AUX Input: The speaker has an AUX input, enabling it to be used with devices that have an AUX output, expanding its compatibility with a wide range of devices.


Power Output : 9W

Speaker Size : 2.75"

Packaging Size: 115 X 115 X 112 (mm)

Frequency Response: FM87.5-108MHZ

Bluetooth Compliant: V4.0

Power Input: AC100--=240V

Battery Backup: 2 X AAA