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Vinnfier Neo Air 3 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock FM Radio SD card and USB Slot

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The Neo Air 3 is a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker that comes with several useful features. 

+ Bluetooth Connectivity: The Neo Air 3 speaker supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to pair it with various Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This wireless feature provides convenient and hassle-free music playback.

+ Alarm Clock: The speaker is equipped with an alarm clock function, enabling you to set alarms and wake up to your favorite music or radio stations. This feature makes the Neo Air 3 a versatile device that serves both as a speaker and an alarm clock.

+ FM Radio: The speaker features an FM radio function, allowing you to tune in to your preferred radio stations for live broadcasts. This feature provides additional entertainment options, and you can enjoy listening to radio shows and music without needing an external radio device.

+ SD Card and USB Slot: The Neo Air 3 has both an SD card slot and a USB slot, enabling you to play audio files directly from SD cards or USB storage devices. This feature allows you to enjoy music without the need for external devices like smartphones or MP3 players.


Bluetooth Version: V5.1

Bluetooth Receiving Distance: >10m

FM Radio: 87.05-108 MHz

Clock: 24-hour system

Alarm Clock: 2

Battery: 2400 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Charging Input: DC 5V/2A

Separation: >45dB

SNR: >85dB

Distortion: <0.5%

Frequency Response: 60Hz-15KHz

Total RMS: 12W

Speaker Driver: 2" (6W) X2

Audio Input Mode: AUX, USB, TF card, Bluetooth, FM Radio

USB: Supporting USB

TF Card: TF Card Maximum Support 32GB

Speaker Size: L175 X W113 X H107 (mm)