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Vinnfier Icon 808 RGB Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Extra Bass Sleek External Controller FM Radio, USB and Aux LED

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RM 45.00
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RM 45.00

The Icon 808 RGB is a versatile and feature-packed audio speaker with a sleek design.

+ USB Portable and Bluetooth Connectivity: The Icon 808 RGB speaker is designed to be portable and can be powered through a USB connection. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to wirelessly pair it with various devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops for convenient music playback.

+ Extra Bass: The speaker is equipped with extra bass capabilities, delivering a powerful and rich low-end response to enhance the listening experience, especially for bass-heavy music genres.

+ Sleek External Controller: The speaker likely comes with an external controller, offering convenient access to various functions and settings without needing to interact directly with the speaker itself. This external controller enhances usability and ease of use.

+ FM Radio: The Icon 808 RGB includes an FM radio function, allowing you to tune in to your favorite radio stations for live broadcasts, providing additional entertainment options.

+ USB and Aux Input: The speaker has USB and aux inputs, allowing you to play audio files from USB storage devices and connect other external audio sources using a 3.5mm audio cable. This versatility provides multiple ways to enjoy music and media.

+ 7-Color LED Pulsating: The speaker features LED lights with seven different colors and likely pulsating effects, adding a visually dynamic element to your listening experience. The LED lights synchronize with the audio, enhancing the overall ambiance.


Speaker Unit: 2.75" X2

Output Power (RMS): 4W X2

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

Power Supply: USB Powered 5V

Control: Volume (Line control)

Speaker Size: W93 X D98 X H141 (mm)