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Vinnfier Icon 505 USB Portable Speaker 2.0 with LED Lights For PC Laptop

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The Icon 505 2.0 Portable Speaker is a USB-powered audio device that offers an engaging audio and visual experience with its RGB 7 Colors Pulsating LED Lights.

+ 2.0 Speaker System: The speaker system is a 2.0 setup, which means it consists of two speakers without a separate subwoofer. This configuration provides stereo sound for a more immersive audio experience.

+ USB Powered: The speaker is powered by a USB connection, eliminating the need for an external power adapter. This makes it convenient to use with various devices that have USB ports, such as computers, laptops, power banks, or USB wall chargers.

+ RGB 7 Colors Pulsating LED Lights: The Icon 505 features RGB LED lights that can pulsate and change colors, creating an eye-catching light show that syncs with the audio playback. This visual effect adds excitement and ambiance to your listening experience.


Total Output Power: 6W

Sound Channel: 2.0

Full Range Driver: 2" X2

7 Colors Pulsating LED

Measurement : W186 X H140 X L94 (mm)