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Vinnfier HyperBar U10 USB Power Mini Soundbar with Aux Line In and LED Display

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RM 35.00
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RM 35.00

The HyperBar U10 USB Power Soundbar is a soundbar speaker that offers a range of features for enhanced audio experiences. 

+ USB Powered: The soundbar can draw power from a USB port, making it convenient to connect to computers and laptops.

+ Aux Line-In: The aux line-in feature allows you to connect external audio sources like MP3 players, smartphones, tablets, or other devices using a standard audio cable. This provides flexibility in audio playback options.

+ LED Lighting: LED lights can add an aesthetic element to the speaker, providing colorful lighting effects during use.


Output Power (RMS): 10W

Speaker Size: 2" X2

Frequency Response: 25Hz-25KHz

Power Supply: USB/DC 5V

Audio Input: AUX

Dimension: W320 X D67 X H68 (mm)