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Vinnfier Hyperbar 505 M BTRW Wireless Soundbar Wireless Subwoofer Karaoke System Built In Microphone Jack Soundbar

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RM 399.00
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RM 399.00

The Hyperbar 505 BTRW is a versatile soundbar with multiple features designed to enhance your audio experience.

+ Bluetooth V5.0: The soundbar is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0, which offers a stable and reliable wireless connection to compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Bluetooth 5.0 provides improved range and data transfer capabilities.

+ Karaoke System Built-In: The built-in karaoke system allows you to enjoy karaoke sessions directly with the soundbar, eliminating the need for a separate karaoke machine or additional equipment.

+ USB Drive Plug & Play: The soundbar supports USB drive plug and play, enabling you to play music or audio files directly from a USB flash drive without the need for any other devices.

+ AUX Line-In: The AUX line-in feature allows you to connect external audio sources like MP3 players, smartphones, or other devices using a standard audio cable.

+ FM Radio: The built-in FM radio functionality lets you tune in to your favorite radio stations without the need for an external radio receiver.

+ Remote Control: The soundbar comes with a remote control, providing convenient access to various functions and settings without the need to manually adjust the soundbar.

+ 3D Effect: The soundbar is designed to create a 3D audio effect, which can add a sense of depth and immersion to your audio experience, making it more captivating and engaging.

+ Optical Cable Input: The optical cable input allows you to connect the soundbar to compatible devices like TVs, Blu-ray players, or gaming consoles using an optical audio cable. This connection can deliver high-quality digital audio from the source to the soundbar.

+ Coaxial Cable Input: The coaxial cable input offers an alternative connection option for devices that support coaxial audio output.


Soundbar Output Power (RMS): 50W

Soundbar Driver: 2" X4

Frequency Response: 500Hz-20KHz

Bluetooth Version: V5.0

Bluetooth Wireless Range: Up to 10m

Soundbar Dimension: W856 X D70 X H70 (mm)

Subwoofer Output Power (RMS): 50W

Subwoofer Driver: 6.5"

Frequency Response: 20Hz-300Hz

Subwoofer to Soundbar Wireless Distance: Up to 10m

Subwoofer Dimension: W231 X D250 X H319 (mm)


Soundbar X1

Subwoofer X1

Remote Control X1

User Manual X1

AC Adapter X1

Audio Line-in Cables X2

Optical Cable X1

Soundbar Wall Mounting Screws X2