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Vinnfier Hyperbar 303 BTRM Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar & Bass subwoofer with 3D Stereo Sound Speaker FM Radio AUX USB

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RM 279.00
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RM 279.00

The Hyperbar 303 BTRM soundbar and subwoofer appears to be a versatile audio setup suitable for karaoke and living room entertainment. 

+ Soundbar and Subwoofer: The soundbar is responsible for producing mid-range and high-frequency sounds, while the subwoofer handles low-frequency bass sounds. This combination provides a more immersive and balanced audio experience.

+ Karaoke Capability: The presence of a microphone jack and mic included in the package indicates that the soundbar supports karaoke functionality. You can connect a microphone to the soundbar and enjoy karaoke sessions with friends and family in your living room.

+ 3D Sound Effect: The soundbar is designed to create a surround sound-like experience, even without physical rear speakers. This technology can enhance the audio immersion, making movies, music, and karaoke performances more enjoyable.

+ Living Room Suitable: The Hyperbar 303 BTRM is fit well in typical living room setups, and offer the necessary power and audio features for home entertainment.


Soundbar Total Output Power (RMS): 60W

Soundbar Output Power (RMS): 30W

Speaker Driver Size: 2" X2

Bluetooth Version: V5.0

Bluetooth Working Distance: Up to 10m

Frequency Response: 500Hz-20KHz

Power Supply: AC Adapter 110-240 VAC

Speaker Dimension: W860 X D61 X H65 (mm)

Subwoofer Total Output Power (RMS): 60W

Subwoofer Output Power: 30W

Speaker Driver Size: 5.25"

Frequency Response: 20Hz-300KHz

Speaker Dimension: W160 X D305 X H265 (mm)


Soundbar X1

Subwoofer X1

Remote Control X1

User manual X1

Ac Adapter X1

Speaker Wall Mounting Screws X2