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Vinnfier Headphone Jack Adaptor USB To 3.5mm Audio Jack Adaptor

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The USB to AUX Audio Adaptor offers several features and functionalities that make it a useful accessory for audio devices:

+ Wide Device Compatibility: The adapter is designed to work with various devices, including PCs, PS4 gaming consoles, MacBook laptops, and desktop computers, among others. However, it is explicitly mentioned that it does not work with TVs, cars, PS3 consoles, trucks, and similar devices.

+ Listening and Speaking Dual Functions: This adapter supports dual functions, allowing you to both listen to audio and use the integrated microphone-in feature for voice communication or recording purposes.

+ Easy Plug and Play: The USB to AUX adapter is effortless to use. Upon connecting it to your device's USB port, it will be automatically recognized by the system without the need for any additional drivers or software downloads. It is also bus-powered, which means it draws power directly from the USB port and does not require an external power source.

+ Improved Sound Quality: The adapter is equipped with an advanced chip that enhances the listening experience. It efficiently decodes the audio signal and optimizes the amplification of analog signals, resulting in clearer and better sound output.

+ Built-in Functional Buttons: The adapter comes with three functional buttons, which could provide additional control over certain audio features. The specifics of these buttons are not mentioned, but they likely offer some control over volume, mute, or other audio settings.

+ Interface and Length: The adapter features a USB Type-A connector on one end, and on the other end, it provides both a 3.5mm stereo output jack for audio output and a 3.5mm microphone input jack for audio input.

+ Total Length: The total length of the USB to AUX audio adapter is specified as 185mm.

+ System Compatibility: The adapter is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This means it supports plug and play functionality and can be used with a wide range of devices running these operating systems.