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Vinnfier DM 100 Multimedia Microphone Suitable Online Singing Whatsapp WeChat Skype Social Media Zoom Call Google Meet

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The DM 100 Multimedia Microphone is a feature-rich USB-powered microphone designed for multimedia applications.

+ USB Powered: It can be easily connected to various devices like computers, laptops, and even some smartphones without requiring any additional power source.

+ RGB Light: The presence of RGB lights suggests that the microphone has customizable lighting options, likely for aesthetic purposes or to indicate the microphone's status.

+ 360 Degree Flexible: This feature indicates that the microphone has a flexible arm or gooseneck, allowing you to adjust its position and angle in a 360-degree range. This flexibility makes it easy to position the microphone optimally for recording or communicating.

+ High-Quality Microphone Core: The microphone is equipped with a high-quality microphone capsule or core, which is essential for capturing clear and accurate audio.

+ Noise Reduction: The noise reduction feature is designed to minimize background noise, ensuring that the microphone captures your voice clearly without distractions from surrounding sounds.

+ Anti-Interference: This feature helps reduce or eliminate interference from electronic devices or other external sources that could negatively impact the microphone's performance.


Sensitivity: -36±2dB

Directivity: Omni-directional

Impedance: ≤2.2KΩ

Working Operation Voltage: USB 5V

Frequency response: 100Hz-80KHz

S/N ratio: ≤50dB

Cable length: 1.5m

Dimension: W80 X D100 X H290 (mm)