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PlayShifu Tacto Laser - STEM puzzle for Ages 4-10 | Logic Laser Maze Games | Educational Toys and Gifts for Boys&Girls

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Turn your tablet into a STEM adventure and explore the cience of light with Tacto Laser from PlayShifu use tactile figurines to solve brain-teasing logic puzzle on screen. Playtime that builds skills for life - creative problem-solving, logical reasoning and more ! 

Solve thrilling mysteries by 'lighting' up tge clues ! Strategically choose your figurine to cross the obstacles. Use flashlight and mirror figurines to light up the target. Split light into 7 colours with the prism figurine and use a colour to solve puzzles. 


^ PLAYTIME THAT BUILDS SKILLS FOR LIFE : Play hands-on games that enhance spatial sense, critical thinking, problem solving and logical thinking. 

^  REAL FIGURINES, DIGITAL GAMES, AND OODLES OF FUN : Use flashlight, mirror, laser, prism (representative figurines) on screen to play and understand the principles of light. 

^ 4 STORY-BASED GAMES, 200+ LEVELS : Go on adventures with a detective owl, a superhero spider, a lost puppy, and an interplanetary slime fighter ! 

How it works : 

1. Fix the two frames on the sides of your tablets. 

2. Select a game and let the fun times roll

3. Overcome obstacles by choosing the correct figurine


- 2 frames

- 4 figurines (laser, Prism, Mirror and Flashlight)