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PlayShifu Tacto Doctor - Interactive Doctor Kit for Ages 4-8 | Digital Pretend Play Games | Educational Toys and Gifts

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Turn your tablet into an interactive clinic with Tacto Doctor by PlayShifu. It is the world's first interactive doctor kit for kids. Designed to take pretend play to the next level with real STEAM learning, Tacto Doctor is a really cool toy to help kids learn about the world of healthcare ! 

This set contains play pieces like a stethoscope, a thermometer, an X-ray, and more. Kids can take care for their patients in the in-app clinic as they wear the coats of life-saving soctors in story-driven games. Develops social-emotional intelligence, improves problem-solving skills, and teaches the concepts of safety and first-aid through hands-on play. 

The COOLEST doctor set that makes clinics FUN for your little one!

* Turn your kid’s tablet into an interactive clinic.

* Use the play pieces on screen to treat patients in story-based games.

* Transform pretend play into real STEM learning.

* Equip your kids with the basic knowledge to convert stressful doctor visits into friendly ones.

In the box 

- 12 figurines (Medicine, Spray, Bandage, Thermometer, Scissors, Syringe, Torch, Blood Pressure, X-Ray, Magnifier, Stethoscope, Ultrasound) 

- 4 anti-slip frames


1.  Download app on your tablet

2.  Fix the 4 anti-slip frames

3.  Choose the game

4.  Game, set go !