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myFirst Sketch II 10" Magnetic Sketch Drawing Pad

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RM 89.00

myFirst Sketch II

Introducing myFirst Sketch II: The Ultimate Magnetic Sketch Drawing Pad for Home, Office, Kids, and Adults (8.5"/10")

Experience endless creativity and interactive fun with myFirst Sketch II, designed to enhance family bonding and foster artistic expression in children and adults alike. This versatile sketch pad offers a three-stage journey, making it suitable for writing practices, doodles, and creative arts with its fine tip stylus.


➢ Magnetic Sketch Pad:

Attach the pad to your fridge or any metal surface using the built-in magnetic strip. Perfect for keeping reminders and shopping lists handy in the kitchen without the need for paper.

➢ Lock Your Sketch:

Ensure your child's drawings are preserved with the lock screen button, preventing accidental marks or erases.

➢ Amend Notes with Partial Erase:

With the innovative partial erase feature, corrections become a breeze. Simply press the partial erase button, flip the stylus to the rubber end, and gently erase. Resume your work by pressing the return button. It's as simple as that!

Motor Skills • Creativity & Active Imagination • Expression • Family Bonding


‣ Battery Life: Up to 2 years or 50,000 erases

‣ Large LCD screen with a spacious sketching area

‣ Battery Model: 8.5" - CR2016 | 10" - CR2025 (included)

‣ Pressure Sensitivity: 100 - 200g

‣ Net Weight: 8.5" - 124g, 4.37oz | 10" - 168g, 5.92oz

‣ Material: ABS plastic, LCD

1-year warranty covers all issues, excluding human damage. Reach out to our dedicated customer support for assistance.