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myFirst Sketch Board with Dual Display LCD Sketch Board + Whiteboard (21”)

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myFirst Sketch Board 21” - With Dual Display (LCD Sketch Board + Whiteboard) Suitable for Office Meeting and at Home

Introducing myFirst Sketch Board, a perfect platform for parents and children to interact while helping your kids grow throughout their journey. Practice good drawings with a fine tip stylus and dual boards.


➢ Display: Large sketching area with 21"LCD screen 

➢ Suitable for meeting board, office board, home, and kids

➢High Contrast Ink Display

➢With Built-In Wall Hangers

Motor Skills • Creativity & Active Imagination • Expression • Family Bonding


‣Large sketching area with 21” LCD screen

‣Zero delay writing experience. Comes with a stylus for pressure-sensitive sketching

‣Reusable with a one-key eraser

‣Low power consumption;

‣Up to 2 years of battery life or 50,000

erases (replaceable battery)

‣Environmentally friendly; Save papers and trees


📦 What's In The Box:

1. myFirst Sketch Board

2. 3x Marker Pen

3. Eraser

4. Wooden Art Easel

5. User Manual