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myFirst Headphones BC Wireless for Kids & Adults Open Ear Design Suitable for Online Learning Working From Home

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RM 299.00

myFirst Headphone BC Wireless for Kids and Adults


1. Bone Conduction Technology

2. Open Ear Design

3. Kids Friendly

4. Lightweight

5. 5 Hours Playtime

6. IPX6 Water-resistant

❖Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Unbreakable feather-light and water-resistant wireless headphones.

❖Experience Open-Ear Listening

Unlike traditional headphones, BCW uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound via the cheekbones. This technology leaves ears open to the surrounding sounds. Audio is set to an appropriate volume, ensuring safe levels of listening to the child.


-Dimension: Ear-to-ear (width): 100mm 

-Dimension: Ears-to-neck (length): 140mm 

-Material: PC, PET

-Net weight: 26g, 0.9oz

-Audio Input: Bluetooth, In-built microphone

-Battery Capacity:140mAh

-Battery Life: 5 hours

-Stand-by Time: 480 hours 

-USB Charging: DC 5V

-Charging Time: 2 hours

-Bluetooth Range: 15m


1. myFirst Headphone Bone Conduction Wireless

2. Ear-plug

3. USB charging cable

4. User Manual