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myFirst 3dPen Make - Wireless 3D Pen Starter Kit Art and Craft for Kids for Boys and Girls With Refillable Multi-colored

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myFirst 3dPen Make - Wireless 3D Pen Starter Kit Art and Craft for Kids - Safe Material And Rechargeable

New Version - myFirst 3dPen Make - Bring Your Drawings to Life with our 3d Pen starter kit!

❖ Rechargeable Battery

Zero hassle playtime with myFirst 3dPen Make rechargeable battery. 

❖ Operate Wirelessly

Inbuilt battery with USB charging. Does not require a wire to operate for easy usage and movement.

❖ Rapid Solidification For Easy Use

Filaments do not require high heat. Turn myFirst 3dPen Make on and start drawing within 30 seconds. Easy dual action push & pull technology. Push once to start and push twice to retract and change filament.

❖ Safe To Touch

Safety is important. The heat from inner device does not pervade the exterior, which protects the child from the heat entirely. myFirst 3dPen filaments are made of PCL material, which is made of recycled materials. PCL materials are not harmful to the touch and safe for use. It is also quick to cool and solidifies almost instantly.

❖ More about PCL (Polycaprolactone) Filaments:

Multi-colored filaments are readily available. The filaments used for myFirst 3dPen contains Polycaprolactone (PCL). PCL is a biodegradable polyester with a melting point of about 60°C and, thus, is rather soft at room temperature. 

☑️ What's included?

1. myFirst 3dPen Make

2. 9.8ft / 3m Plastic Filament x 3 Colors

3. Micro USB Charging Cable

4. Quick Start Guide

5. Design Templates

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