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EVO PRO Series - Black

Regular price
RM 999.00
Regular price
RM 1,499.00
Sale price
RM 999.00


Unmatched Build Quality

- Carefully built to the highest industry standards, EVO PRO's incredibly sturdy steel skeleton, integrated with a classy 

  and elegant design offers a superior ergonomic form, unaffected even with prolonged hours of use.

Adjustable backrest + Tilt Mechanism

- Customize your optimal position effortlessly with 90-155 degree adjustable backrest. Takes the strain off your back 

  and shoulders. Also comes with a lever that controls the height and locks the angle of the seat.

Master-crafted Premium PU Leather & Fabric

- The EVO PRO features ultra-breathable fabric that allows the user to stay cool over prolonged periods of serious 

  gaming sessions. Designed to be durable while maintaining the ever desired soft feel of fabric, the chair combined 

  with the flexible attributed of premium PU leather will have you never worrying about the cleanliness for a long time.

Flexible 4D Armrests with Carbon Fiber Finish

- Our armrests feature a widely adjustable rotational angle to effortlessly adapt to your body size. Features carbon 

  fiber finish for improved durability and smoother gaming experience.

Adaptable Memory Foam Pillows

- Premium memory foam pillows that effortlessly contour to the shape of your neck and lower back's curvature for the 

  right amount of support. Soft velvet cover provides enhanced comfort and ergonomics.

Glass 4 Gas Lift

- Our chairs are sported with class 4 gas lifts, the highest quality that provides superb stability, safety and flexibility in 

  adjusting the seat to your desired height. 

Top Grade Nylon Base + Nylon Wheel

- Forged with the highest grade nylon material to ensure superior stability, the chairs are highly capable of 

  withstanding extreme pressure, up to a maximum weight of 136kg / 300lbs. Our caster wheels, inspired by 

  motorsports design, are meticulously engineered to provide a smooth and silent gliding across any surface.

What's in the box:


- ARMORIG EVO PRO Seat cushion

- ARMORIG Neck & Lumbar Pillow

- Seat control base

- Seat back hinge covers : 2

- Hinge cover rubber plugs : 2

- Gas lift

- Chair base

- Chair wheels : 5

- M8 Allen / Philips screwdriver key

- Hinger cover screws : 2

- Mounting screws (provided as extras) : 2

 *3 Years Warranty