Warranty and Service Agreement

Terms & Conditions

  1.  Data & Software 

  •  WE do not support any applications or software unless is GENUINE   Software. ( Operating System, Programs, Anti-malwares, etc. ).
  •  We does not provide any data back-up to customer, data back-up is customer's own responsibility.
  • Customer need take responsibility of their own private data, any sensitive data should be managed by customer him/her-self.                 

 2.  Warranty Policy 

  •  Despite product manufacturer's stated warranty period, WE only provide 1 (one) Month or 1 (one) Year maximum of warranty based on Invoice date except for selected item.
  • Customer is mandatory to paid minimum of RM10.00 service fee after the BMStar Technology Sdn Bhd warranty period has passed.
  • Limited warranty means that the product does not cover:-

               i.   Damage from misused, abuse, mishandling or neglect.

               ii.  Damage from the use of any external parts that does not include from original packaging.

               iii. Damage from power failure, lighting surge, electrostatic discharge damage, other external harm like water damage, fire damage, external force, etc.

               iv. In case of CID ( Customer Induced Damage ), customer must bear any repair/parts fee Billed by the Manufacturer's Warranty Department.

  • WE have the rights to reject any Warranty claims if the Warranty is rejected by the manufacturer as they deem not warrantable.

3.  Equipment

  • WE shall not be liable for any damage to the equipment/machine caused by nature when unit is deposited for repair, services or RMA.
  • WE does not responsible for any damage while the equipment/machine is under repair on 3rd party faculty. (Manufacture RMA, Repair center, etc.)
  • Item/Unit that has been stored/deposited for more than 3 month after RMA/Repair done will be disposed as customer deemed abandon the item.

4.  Out-of-Warranty Repair/Services

  • In case of out-of-warranty services/repair, Customer has to pay the full amount repair fees in order to proceed.
  • If Customer cancel the repair no matter in which state of, paid fees will strictly be forfeited.
  • When 1st defect is attended, customer might confront an additional problem which being find out/trigger. However, customer can omit or procced the 2nd state of repair. The fees for 2nd state repair is bearable by the customer.

* "WE" in this agreement refer to BMSTAR Technology SDN BHD, and "WE" have the rights to change the Terms and Condition "WE" deem appropriate without customer's knowledge.