Privacy Policy 

Please read our Privacy Policy before moving on.

At BMSTAR (owned by BMSTAR TECHNOLOGY SDN. BHD. (1136263-D), we strongly respect your privacy. References to BMSTAR ("we" , "us" , "our"). This privacy policy is written to inform and demonstrate our commitment to safeguard the customers' information and build strong, long-lasting relationship of trust with them. It dictates the manner in which BMSTAR and its company BMStar Technology Sdn. Bhd. use and disclose information gathered from the visitors and customers that uses the website. 

Collected Information

BMSTAR only collects the information that are required for the registration procedure at our website. The information that we gathered are voluntarily submitted by the customers to us. We collect customer's personal information during the account registration on our website. 

Personal Identification Details 

Customers' personal identification details will be used to process their order of the products, customize their profile information, internal usage with legal requirements, update their status of online shopping in the website and also to provide updates regarding our new products, events or promotions. 


BMSTAR does NOT store your personal information such as credit cards details, bank account numbers within our system. We will never share or sell any of your personal details to any third party.

We utilize a highly secure payment gateway service that processes our credit card payments. The payment gateway service used for our payments is PCI-DSS compliant, which is the highest level of security assurance that one can achieve. We are confident that there will never be a compromise in security. In the case of an unauthorized security intrusion that will potentially affects customers, BMSTAR will promptly notify them and take proactive countermeasures. 


BMSTAR employ industry-standards security measures to protect and maintain confidentiality and sensitivity of the customers' data and information. We regularly perform appropriate security application in order to safeguard customers' sensitive information and prevent data breach or leaking of personal identification details from third parties, illegal disclosure and hackers. However, please bear in mind that any information transmitted through the Internet is NOT 100% guaranteed safe and secure. 

Changes to our Privacy Policy

BMSTAR have the rights to perform any changes/ amendments to the Privacy Policy contents when deemed necessary. Anytime that BMSTAR makes major amendments to the Privacy Policy, we will notify our customers about the new changes as well. This is to ensure that the customers stay assured with their data protection and privacy concerns.