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THRUSTMASTER TCA Yoke Boeing Edition

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Key points:
* Officially-licensed Boeing yoke inspired by the iconic Boeing 787 airliner (1:1 scale ergonomic replicas)
* Suspended PENDUL_R mechanism replicating the pendular sensation experienced in genuine Boeing Dreamliner airliners (8.3-inch / 21-cm range of travel)
* Adjustable yoke springs for smooth motion and flexible linear resistance, allowing for an outstanding level of control
* Innovative, 100% metal internal yoke structure for excellent sturdiness and balanced weight distribution of controls, as well as an extended product lifespan
* Flight controllers automatically integrated into the game Microsoft Flight Simulator (sold separately) on Xbox Series X|S and PC
* Officially licensed for Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S), and compatible with PC

About the product:
TCA Yoke Boeing Edition is an aviation system officially licensed by both Boeing and Xbox, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It is also compatible with PC.
TCA Boeing Edition, Thrustmaster’s new flagship civil aviation range, is a line of products allowing for cutting-edge new features with a highly-specific goal in mind: replicating the different controls, flight kinematics and sensations experienced by real Boeing pilots at the controls of a 787 airliner.

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