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RAZER Phantom Keycap Upgrade Set - Unique Stealth Pudding Design for Shine-through Razer Chroma RGB Lighting

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RM 169.00
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RM 169.00

- Unique stealth design
- Translucent sides
- Bottom-lasered legends

Product Features:

Whether you’re looking to go loud or go stealthy, achieve two distinct aesthetics with the Razer Phantom Keycap Upgrade set—featuring a translucent pudding design to max out the Chroma lighting.

UNIQUE STEALTH DESIGN: For an Ultra-minimalistic Look
As the first ever pudding keycaps to feature blacked-out, legendless tops, they give your keyboard an incredibly sleek and clean feel when its RGB is off.

TRANSLUCENT SIDES: For a Brighter, Diffused Glow
Designed to let more light through, the frosted walls bring out the full brilliance of diffused Razer Chroma™ RGB in every direction.

Unlike regular keycaps that have legends lasered from the top which are susceptible to wearing off through constant use, our stealth pudding keycaps have legends that are bottom-lasered to ensure that never becomes an issue.

The set works with all Razer Mini, Tenkeyless (TKL), and Full-sized mechanical/optical keyboards, and consists of 128 keycaps compatible with standard US and UK layouts.

The set includes all the tools and parts you need to conveniently install the keycaps on Razer and other compatible mechanical/optical keyboards.

Product Specifications:
Keycap Material: ABS Material
Keycap Count: 128
Stem Compatibility: Fits most cross-shaped axis switches
Layout(s) Supported: Standard bottom row US and UK layout
Compatible with Razer’s: 60%, 65%, Tenkeyless and Full-sized Keyboards

ℹ All details and photos are for reference only, kindly PM us for inquiries, we are sorry if any misinformation has provided in this product description 🙇