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LOGITECH C922 Pro Stream Webcam, HD 1080p30fps or HD 720p60fps Hyperfast Streaming, Stereo Audio, HD light correction

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RM 489.00
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RM 489.00

๐Ÿ‘ Full HD streaming: Logitech C922 provides two streaming qualities to choose from. Whether you're after full HD 1080p at 30fps, or 720p at 60 fps, your audience will always be able to see you clearly. It covers all of the action with 78-degree field of view

๐Ÿ‘ Multiple mounting options including tripod: This HD streaming webcam comes equipped with a versatile tripod. Mount the USB streaming camera on your LCD screen, notebook, table top or on your tripod

๐Ÿ‘ Auto-lighting corrections: Alongside full HD streaming over wifi, this gaming webcam is equipped with autofocus and instant light correction, producing a clean-cut high definition image for viewers, even in low light

๐Ÿ‘ Premium stereo audio: Either side of this streaming webcam are two omni-directional microphones, meaning you can capture more sound from any angle - so your voice sounds natural to your audience

๐Ÿ‘ Powered by capture: Start creating high quality video content the second you plug in your new gaming webcam using the Logitech Capture App. This enables you to customise recording, adjust camera settings and even stream to YouTube in one intuitive interface

(XSplit license included: Includes 3-Month XSplit Premium Licence)

โžก๏ธ Description
The Logitech C922 Pro Streaming Webcam is designed for serious streamers. It enables you to live-feed and record vibrant, true to life full HD 1080p video, while capturing the most exciting details at 30fps, or at 720p at 60 fps. This impressive gaming streaming webcam automatically adjusts to your lighting situation, even in low-lights, ensuring your viewers are always able to see you in a clear and crisp picture. The HD streaming webcam is compatible with Logitech Capture, which makes creating content with your webcam easy, fast and intuitive. Either side of the streaming webcam are two omni-directional microphones, capturing stereo audio from every angle - giving your audience full sound coverage. The 78-degree field-of-view keeps you in focus with the ability to fit another person in the view as well, with an adjustable table top tripod and swivel mount to give you your most flattering angle. Included with this HD streaming webcam is a free 3-month XSplit Premium License, giving you an all-in-one streaming solution that best suits your project.

โ–ถ๏ธ Platform Compatibility
Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS 10.10 or later, and Chrome OS via the USB port

โ–ถ๏ธ Package Contents
1 x Pro webcam for streaming, Tripod, User documentation


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